Murano Release, November 30, 2016




The release notes below are intended to provide descriptions of any new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release of Exosite’s Murano platform. Where applicable, an explanation of the user impact is provided, as well as any additional information that may be useful.


  • Cassandra Time Series Database
    • Summary: New time series database service.
    • User Impact: The new database is available to all new solutions.
      • The Influxdb service will continue to be supported for a period of time but will eventually be removed. It is recommended to use the Cassandra Time Series for all new solutions. More information on this topic will be communicated in 2017 (Quarter 1).
    • Documentation for Cassandra Time Series is here:
    • A Cassandra Time Series example Solution is coming soon.
  • Device.rpcCall() Will Be Removed
    • Summary: Device.rpcCall() is marked as deprecated on the docs page in anticipation of a new device management feature, which will not support the old One Platform RPC API.
    • User Impact: Users should use Device.write() going forward
    • Users of the Device.rpcCall will have to switch over to the new call prior to January 2017.
    • A migration guide for this change will be available soon.
  • Support for API Solution Endpoint Content Types Besides Application/JSON
    • Summary: This allows doing things such as posting forms or plain text and will allow a wider variety of external apps to work with Murano solution APIs.
    • User Impact: Users will have the ability to use non-JSON calls for API endpoints within their solution APIs. 
  • Solution Performance Debugging
    • Summary: New Lua function, bench.measure(), can be used for debugging solution performance.
    • User Impact: Users can now measure the performance of their solution to assist in optimizing their solution code.
    • Documentation is here (search for "bench"): 
  • Redis Hash Addition to the Keystore 
    • Summary: The Murano Keystore service now supports Redis hash (commands that start with “H”).  
  • Create Device Operation
    • Summary: A new create device operation has been added to the Device Service within Murano.
    • User Impact: The new service creates a device, enables the identity, and returns the resource ID of the new serial number.
    • Documentation for the operation can be found here:


  • File Upload Limit Increase
    • Summary: The file upload limit for static assets has been increased to 200 MB.
    • User Impact: Users are now able to upload static files up to 200 MB in size to their solution.
  • New Websocket Operations
    • The Websocket service has an additional three operations:
      • info({socket_id=”..”}) - Provides connection information.
      • list() - Returns the list of active connections of the solution.
      • closeAll() - Closes all connections of the solution.
    • User Impact: Users can utilize the new operations within the websocket messages.

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