The deprecated Timeseries Service will be removed.



This article is here to tell you about the upcoming removal of Exosite’s Timeseries Database service and what this means to you and your Solutions deployed on Murano.

If you have a Solution that currently uses, or had used, the deprecated Timeseries service in an event handler, a change is coming to your Solution. In the next few weeks Exosite will be removing the service entirely from Murano.

What does this mean?

The methods of the Timeseries service and the database partition created for your Solution will become unavailable. All event handlers in your Solution will receive an error if they attempt to write and read data, or otherwise call, into the Timeseries service. Additionally all device, Business, and Solution data stored in your Solution’s Timeseries partition will be deleted.

Note: No other service Database will be affected.

What should I do?

Look at your Solution’s Modules and Event handler code. If you see code that looks like Timeseries.method(), you will need to make a change in order to ensure that your code continues to work properly.

You should ask yourself:

  • How long does my data need to persist?
  • Does my Application care about the time the data was generated?

These questions will help you understand if you need to teach your Solution to use our other timeseries service TSDB, or if you can store your data in another service available to you in Murano.

We know that some Solutions are more likely to be affected. If your Solution was created in June, July, and August 2016, or if you deployed the first versions of the example Home Automation Solution, then you will want to investigate your event handler code closely.

You will also know that your Solution has been affected if you see a service error in your Solution’s logs. If you Solution’s event handlers use the Timeseries service they will generate an error that looks like this:

{"type":"error","timestamp":1490633298,"subject":"service call failed","data":{"service_alias":"timeseries","function_call":"write"}}

Why Is Exosite making this change?

The 3rd party product we used as the backbone of this service was not well suited to Murano’s needs. The integration process Exosite executed made connections possible, but introduced problems that we could not resolve.

We opted to write and host our own replacement database service, now available as TSDB. You should use this newer service for all of your timeseries storage needs in Murano.

I have questions, where can I get Help?

Please contact Exosite Support if you have questions about this change, if you are unsure how this change will affect your Solution, or if you need help changing your Solution to not use the deprecated service

Happy to help,

- Exosite Support

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