ADC Release Notification



This article captures information sent to all existing Murano users on June 14, 2017 regarding the release of the Advanced Device Connectivity feature set.


We wanted to reach out to recap the recent activity around a significant feature upgrade to the Murano IoT platform called Advanced Device Connectivity (ADC). The ADC features extend and improve the way in which devices are identified and provisioned, as well as how they can be managed, configured, and shared in Murano.

While you may not have noticed obvious changes to your account, there are some updates to be aware of while using Murano. Below, we’ve included information to help you understand these changes and where to find additional information.


Who has access to ADC features?

All new Murano accounts created after May 25 automatically include ADC. Most accounts that were created before May 25 have already been upgraded as well, and we are currently working to migrate all existing accounts to ADC quickly and on a case-by-case basis to ensure a smooth transition.


How do I know which version of Murano I have?

To determine which version of Murano you currently have, check out this support article.


What has changed with ADC?

  • Terminology:
    • If you have an existing Murano account, regardless of whether it’s been upgraded to include ADC, you may have noticed the terminology change from “Solutions” to “Applications.” In the new user interface, the term “Solution” now applies to every type of IoT project—whether it is an Application (Application Solution) or a Product (Product Solution).
  • Functionality:
      • Accounts upgraded to ADC now have access to an array of new device-connectivity and management capabilities. Exosite’s documentation and tools have been updated to support these new capabilities. It’s important to note that some aspects of the updated documents and tools are not backward-compatible with previous versions of Murano (see below).
  • Documentation: 
      • Exosite documentation has been updated for ADC and is available at the documentation home page. Documentation specifically related to pre-ADC Murano features, collectively known as “Murano 1.0,” is available here.
  • Murano CLI:
    • The Murano CLI has been updated to version 3 to support ADC. Version 2 will continue to work with the Murano 1.0 feature set. For more information on managing versions of the Murano CLI, see this support article.


Where can I get help?

Please contact Exosite Support or visit the Exosite Community forum if you have questions or concerns about this update, are unsure how this change will affect your Application, or would like to request the ADC upgrade for your Murano account.


Happy to help,

Exosite Support Team

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