Murano Release, June 27, 2017




The release notes below are intended to provide descriptions of any new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release of Exosite’s Murano platform. Where applicable, an explanation of the user impact is provided, as well as any additional information that may be useful.


  • We made Exchange generally available to all Murano account holders using the latest version of our Murano platform.  Exchange lets you add off the shelf building blocks to your business to quickly start or extend IoT solutions.  You’ll find the Exchange link in the left-hand menu after logging in. From there, you can browse, view, and add available Exchange elements.


  • If you are using the Auth0 integration service, your Auth0 client settings have moved. Auth0 settings are now managed within your Application Solution’s “Services” tab and are no longer configurable via the Lua scripting environment.


  • The Tsdb Import functionality is now more reliable and provides more accurate status data when starting new data-import requests.

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