Murano Release, October 24, 2017



The release notes below are intended to provide descriptions of any new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release of Exosite’s Murano platform. Where applicable, an explanation of the user impact is provided, as well as any additional information that may be useful.



  • We introduced many UI Improvements in this release, focused on maintaining a consistent and efficient experience for our Murano business users who manage solutions.
  • On the backend, we’ve improved the load balancing for Murano’s script engine. Improved load balancing means more predictable script capacity and smoother scaling as we meet platform growth.
  • Additional backend platform enhancements included in this release optimize the communications between scripts and services. These enhancements measurably improve latency by ensuring required routing data is readily available without transformation from each service call request.


  • Email addresses of Murano business users are now handled as expected with regards to case sensitivity, meaning that your email address will work for login regardless of uppercase or lowercase characters. Accounts are no longer duplicated if mismatched case is used in login, registration, or password reset. Duplicated accounts have been merged, and affected users have been notified.
  • The Solution Permission Management Service (SPMS) now provides the node ID of a permission object’s owning node when retrieving all permissions (getAllSolutionPermissions()).  This is useful for solutions which create custom permission sets for child nodes within their hierarchy.
  • A configuration bug was squashed with the Auth0 service, which prevented the successful initial configuration of Auth0 service parameters.
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