GPS Trail Widget Data Format Requirements


This widget is expecting the data format to be: MinDec (Degrees, Minutes, Decimal Minutes) packed as DDMM.MMMM_DDMM.MMMM .

So, I'll use this example, which you see in the widget text but I'll elaborate on it.

If I found a location of 44.9791583,-93.2923983 (which is what you get from Google maps for the middle of our building location), this is the 'Decimal Degrees'. I can't then just move the decimal point. What I have to do is convert this to Degrees and Minutes. So, the '44' is the decimal degrees, and that is ok. Next is 0.9791583, which is decimal degrees and I need to convert that to minutes. That ends up being 58.7495 minutes.  So the actual data I write is:  4458.749_-9317.544


Here is a great little tool site I ran across for conversion (I included my example coordinates, we don't have any affiliate with this site)

You can see there, the values you are after is the 'GPS' coordinates. 

 It's possible we could expand upon this (data format for location in this widget) in the future, if there was a use case that required it.  Also note, you don't have to specify anything in the units field for this data source, even though the instructions say to do that.  This is no longer required.



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