Portals Development Common Questions



Why doesn't my device show up as 'Active', the 'Active' indicator is red instead of green?


The Active status of devices is native to Portals, not the One Platform.  The active status is determined in Portals by what the last reported time-stamp of data is versus the Active Time setting is in the device's Pop-up manage window.  That Active Time setting gets stored in Meta Information for that device (client) in the OneP.  (How Portals uses Meta Information)

If your device is 'red' (not active), it is one of two things.  One is that the device isn't actually sending data anymore and the last data (if ever sent) was more than the activity timeout.  The second might be your device is sending data, but at a rate that is slower than your activity timeout setting.  The default is 5 minutes, but can be changed in the device's pop-up manage window.



Is it possible to create custom widgets?


Yes!  You can use the 'Custom' widget type when selecting a new widget to add.  You can edit the size of the widget block, what data it has access to, and enter your customer code in (you can also start from a number of templates which are selectable from a drop-down men).  

Portal's Custom Widget Documentation



Can I change the Theme of my Portal account?


Whitelabel customers (sub-domain or domain) can control the theme of their Portal sub-domain including header logo, header background, menu colors, page background, links, widget colors, and a number of other theme/branding/config items.  Actually, you have full access to the CSS so you can change almost any of the web page theme.  Whitelabel is perfect for vendors, OEMs, and companies to create their own product experience for their users.

Whitelabel sub-domain sign-up



What browsers are supported?


There are many browsers that exist today, not only on standard computers but also on phones and tablets.  Each of these browsers has new and old versions that may or may not support standards in web content coding.  Our general statement is that Exosite Portals should work on all browsers based on our coding style, but it is almost impossible to guarantee support on every browser on every device and every version of it.  

We do our best to support the most commonly used browsers, please find the following list as a rule of thumb for what we recommend. 

Recommended Browsers that are tested after releases regularly:

  • Chrome Desktop most recent version (chrome is auto-updated)
  • Firefox Desktop most recent version (firefox is auto-update)
  • Internet Explorer 8,9,10 (Windows only)

Browsers that should work but are not tested regularly:

  • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows only)
  • Safari
  • Safari iOS


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