Look at a Dashboard at a previous time in history, run a report


Most of the time you look at a dashboard because you want to see the current state of information.  Sometimes though it can be useful to look at a point in time in history for that dashboard, almost like a report.  

You can do this by using an addition to the url.  Any dashboard will look something like '<subdomain>.exosite.com/views/00000000/0000000'.  That second set of numbers is the dashboard ID.  If you add '?time=<timestamp>' to it you can look back in time.  <timestamp> must be a unix timestamp.  (Quickly find a timestamp using this tool  http://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php)

So, here is an example:

Here is my plant monitor (realtime): 


Here is my plant monitor on January 31, 2012:  







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