Sharing portals with Support Team


If you are having an issue with your portal, you can privately share your portal account with a member of the Exosite support team. This article specifically talks about Exosite Support but please note that any user does not count against your portal user limits.  When the issue has been resolved, you can just remove the team member. With that being said, we would like to point out that Exosite is serious about security and privacy.  If we could simply access your account, we would not need you to add us as a ‘Manager’.

Step One:  Go to Settings under the Manage menu. 


The Settings page is also available at, or by adding /manage/settings to the end of your subdomain URL.

Step Two:  Under the Portal Roles enter ''.

Step Three:  Set the Role to Manager and hit invite user 

At this point the Exosite Support Team Member has access to your portal and can aid in resolving issues.

When the issue has been resolved or assistance is no longer needed, you may remove the team member by going back into portal roles and clicking on the remove box next to the users name.


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