Every time I refresh I am required to click the "Execute JavaScript" button


The reason you are likely seeing the "Execute JavaScript" button is because you are viewing a public dashboard and there is a security risk since the creator of the dashboard custom widget could write javascript that could be potentially malicious.  We restrict this to ensure Portals is not used to take advantage of any cross-site-scripting (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-site_scripting) and related games that can be played with javascript.

To remove the 'Execuite Javascript' message when viewing custom widgets, you must either be:

  • Logged in as the owner of the Portal that created the custom widget
  • Logged in and your user account profile has agreed to the accepts all javascript option. This can be set in your user profile (e.g. https://portals.exosite.com/account/profile) or when you see an Execute JavaScript button, there is a second option to allow global javascript on any dashboard view.  
  • (Recommended) Have promoted the custom widget to a 'domain widget' status through the subdomain administrator's /admin/domainwidgets page.  

Domain Widgets

If you are using portals.exosite.com (or another evaluation site) instead of your own Portals Domain Solution , you only have option a) or b) available to you.   Public dashboards will always show this 'Execute JavaScript' message to protect against malicious code that could be created.

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