How do I find my CIK (Client Interface Key)?


Exosite's One Platform uses Client Interface Keys (CIKs) as authentication for all devices, users and other types of access to the cloud data platform.  

CIK for Devices

If you are using Exosite Portals ( or a subdomain on Exosite Portals, you can typically find the CIK for a device you are using by logging in, and going to and clicking on your device.  This will open the Device Information pop-up window which will show the CIK for your device.

Note if you are part of a subdomain, your URL will look something like: https://<company>


Why can't I find my device's CIK?

If the Device Information popup does not show your CIK, it may mean that your device is part of a registered serial number pool for a device model.  In this case, your device has to "activate" ( with the One Platform for a CIK to be assigned.


CIK for Portals

You can find your Portal's CIK by going to /account/portals, or by selecting Account underneath your username in the upper right-hand corner of the page and choosing "Portals" on the sidebar menu. 

The CIK is located underneath the name of the portal next to the word "Key".

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