Manage Pages - Scripts Editor


Portals includes a manage area for Platform scripts attached to clients.  All scripts for each client device is listed at the sub-domain specific URL /manage/scripts.  Clicking on a script will open the Portals script editor.  

Platform Scripting Overview

The Script Manage Table

The script manager table allows users to add new scripts to attach to devices and at the Portal level or select an existing script to open the script editor.  The status of the scripts is also shown (Waiting, Running, Completed, or Error).

The Script Editor

The script editor allows users to edit and delete scripts in the Exosite platform.  Each script is attached to a client (usually a device or at a Portal level).  The debug log shows a timestamp for each debug message from the script.  The editor also shows the Status of the script, a Lua syntax editor window, and a list of available Aliases which are usually data sources and data rules.  

As a convenience function, double clicking an alias from the list will automatically insert it into the script syntax editor at the top of the code.  This saves users time from having to write out each alias as a local variable.


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