Automate adding devices with a URL


Many developers manually add their devices through the “Add Device” wizard in Portals. However, sometimes it is necessary or more user-friendly to pre-create a URL that, when launched, will automatically add the device to the User’s Portal.

The URL structure in Exosite Portals to do this is:


for example:

This will do functionally the same thing as if the user clicks “+Add Device” at /manage/device and enters the information manually.

The main requirement, other than the parameters being correct, is that the user who launches the URL is logged into Portals.

The parameters are:

  • vendor: The vendor name of whoever is providing the device / client. e.g. “acme.”
  • model: The unique model ID of the device / client. Cannot, at current time, be “generic” – must be an actual configured device model provided by the vendor.
  • sn: Serial number of the device / client. This will sometimes be a MAC address, but is model-specific as defined by the vendor.
  • name: Friendly name of the device / client. This is the name that users in Portals will see for the device / client.
  • alias (optional): Alias of the device / client. If no alias is specified, sn will be used as alias by default.
  • location (optional): Location of the device / client. This is the location that users in Portals will see on the Device pop-up of the device / client.
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