How do I add and use SMS alerts and set SMS daily limits?


SMS Alerts are only available for Exosite Business accounts. If you are not yet a business customer, you can read more about our Business Tiers on our overview support page, or create a business account to review and purchase plans.  

For business customers, the cost of text message alerts is billed to the business account in increments of 10 text messages, based on monthly usage. 

Setting SMS Usage Limits

Your Admin interface provides you with tools to place daily allowable limits on text messages to fit your business needs. 

This daily limit is a 'safety' feature for developers and users.  This sets a hard limit on how many SMS the One Platform will send out during a given day. This prevents unplanned usage (and charges), such as from scripts and event conditions. You can set the usage limits both on a plan level and on an individual portal level. 

Plan Limits

When you create your domain plans (the options users are given to choose from when they sign up), you assign the resource limits for each plan. These settings are adjustable at https://<subdomain> . 


Portal limits

You can adjust the limits on individual portals at https://<subdomain> by selecting the intended portal and clicking on "Edit Limits." 

You can also view (but not edit) a portal's resource usage at https://<subdomain> within that portal's interface. 


SMS not working?

If you expect to be receiving an SMS alert but are not, it's likely that your Daily SMS limit is set to 0 or set too low and you may have already hit your daily limit.

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