User Roles


User Roles
The following user roles are available in Portals.

The user who initially created the portal.  This user has access to everything in the portal.

Managers have all of the same functionality as the owner, but can not change resource limits and add resources.

When a user is specified as a 'viewer', a dashboard is selected in addition to adding them as this role type.  When logging in, this user only can see dashboards that were granted access to them.  They do not see the 'manage' menu.  Viewer user's email and phone information are also available for alerts.

A user specified as a 'contact' will have their email and phone information available when creating Alerts ( but have no view or manage access.


Other Roles

Subdomain Admins

Each subdomain (https://< has a user level called domain admins.  These users have administrative rights to configure and support the subdomain.


Adding User Access to a Portal

For each portal account, there are different user roles.  The original user who creates the portal account is the owner.  Other user log-ins can be added to the portal.  This can be done by any manager of the portal by going clicking on the Admin link on the manage menu on the left side of the screen ( for example) and inviting a user with a specific 'role' selected.  The address of this user must be entered and a role selected.

To add new users, there must be available 'Users' resources available.  The Portal Resource Summary can only be found on this same page.   See below for adding more user resources.

When a user in invited, they will receive an email letting them know they have been granted access and if they do not have a log-in already, will be asked to create their user account.


Adding User Resources

For adding more 'Users' as a resource for your portal, you can do this on the billing page of your user account, assuming you are the owner of the portal:  

Here you can add 'User' Add-ons to increase your Portal 'user resource' count so you can add more users to view and manage your portal.

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