Device is not activating or sending data


Devices that have been created to connect with Exosite need to 'activate' to exchange a key so they can communicate with Exosite's platform in a secure way.  This activation function also sets up a path of ownership for the device. 

(Note: This does not apply to generic devices, which must have their CIK copied manually into their code)

When devices are not sending data, there could be one of several issues, including not properly activating, network issues, actual device issues, or unfortunately user error.  This can cause headaches and we hope we can provide some help here, although we recommend using documentation and support from the provider of the device or reference software.

For specific device connection issues, we recommend looking over user guides and device information provided by the Product OEM, Development Kit provider, or if using open source code, where that code is documented.

This will cover the generic overview of device activation issues.  

For developers, check out our provisioning guide


Most common problems:

  1. Trying to activate a device that you haven't added to your account.  Make sure to use the 'Add Device' wizard in portals and select your device Client Model from the available device type menu.
  2. Entering wrong unique number / serial number / MAC address / MEID - Double check your number when entering it.
  3. Adding a device still owned (claimed) by someone else - Contact that person if you got it from someone else.
  4. Network issues - Verify the device is has a good internet connection to the outside world.




Development Systems / Kits / Reference Code

If you add your device to your portal but you never see data in the dashboard, check out these items in addition to checking the device's documentation and support methods:

  1. Check that the device you added is the unique identifier of your device.  If not, it will not work, as you have 'claimed' a different device.  It's good to double check this.  If you have added the wrong unique identifier, delete the device on the 'Devices' page by clicking on your device, and use the 'delete' function on the pop-up window)
  2. Check if the device ever Activated. Go to the 'Devices' page by clicking the 'Devices' link on the left hand side of the window.  Here you should see a table of your devices, click on the one in question.  This will open a pop-up window showing information about the device.  The status should say 'Activated'.  
    1. 'Not Activated' - Then the device has yet to reach our platform to activate, which it should try to do when connected properly to a network that can reach our servers on the public internet.  There is either a device problem or a network issue.  
    2. 'Expired' - This means that the device did not activate with-in 24 hours after you added it.  You can re-enable the device using that pop-up window and using the Re-Enable function.  This will put the status back to 'Not Activated' and you'll need to trouble-shoot why it is not activating.
  3. If your device has activated, then you have verified it has connected to the Exosite servers at least once correctly and it's rare it would not continue to work.  If you still are not seeing data, check that your internet connection is still ok.  If the device for some reason did not store it's CIK properly when activating (power pulled at wrong time), you can 'Re-Enable' your device and let the device re-activate. Follow the previous step for when a device has Expired.
  4. If the device has not activated, use available debug methods for the device's code to determine if there is a network or code issue.  This will tell you if you have a local IP address. See below for the different debug console states. Most issues are related to the device not obtaining an IP address on your local network.  This may require manual intervention for your local network.  
    • Does the device only use Static or DHCP IP Addresses and what is your network set up for.
    • Some networks are configured to not assign IP addresses to unknown devices, check your router settings / IT administrators
    • If the MAC address is bad for some reason (next step), the local network may not like what is being reported and not assign an IP address
    • If you are in an office network, talk with your IT administrator, they may have some suggestions.
  5. Check that the device has it's unique identifier number programmed correctly


OEM Products

If you have received a product or device from a OEM that uses Exosite, we recommend contacting that OEM or using the available support methods they provide regarding device activation issues and problems adding devices to the web portal.


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