Can not add a device to your portal


Devices that have been created to connect with Exosite need to 'activate' to exchange a key so they can communicate with Exosite's platform in a secure way.  This activation function also sets up a path of ownership for the device. When you add a device to your portal, you are creating the chain of ownership, you are 'claiming' that device so it is in your account and it's data can be seen by you.

For specific device issues, we recommend looking over user guides and device information provided by the Product OEM, Development Kit provider, or if using open source code, where that code is documented.

This will cover the generic overview of device adding issues.  

For developers, check out our provisioning guide


Most common problems:

  1. Entering wrong unique number / serial number / MAC address / MEID - Double check your number when entering it.
  2. Adding a device still owned (claimed) by someone else - Contact that person if you got it from someone else.
  3. The vendor of the portal did not approve that unique number up yet to be used



If you attempt to add a device to your portal using a unique number (serial number, MAC address, MEID, etc) but receive an error message like the following, there are a few steps to resolve this.

You have attempted to add a <unique address> that is not approved for this device. This may be by error. Please verify the exact <unique address> of your device and if you believe it is correct, use the Feedback system to contact us

The first is to verify you have the correct unique identifier, which should be a serial number, MAC address, MEID, ESN or some other hardware identifier.  This information should be provided by the device OEM and can usually be found on a sticker on a device or possibly through a LCD or serial port.  

Double check the number you are using, check the format, check the sticker again for numbers that look like letters, etc.

The next issue may be that the device had been claimed by someone else either by mistake or previous ownership.  Contact the OEM using the Portal HELP / support links to check this.  They can quickly check this and help resolve.  

Of course, there is always a possibly that the device is incorrectly using the wrong activation unique identifier number.  This is a problem to work out with the OEM or code provider.



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