Canceling Accounts


Canceling Developer Accounts

If you have a user account on or another domain <subdomain> you can go to your account page (user name drop-down menu in upper right corner) and cancel your account.



Within the account page you will find that Exosite will ask for confirmation before canceling your account. Confirmation includes a warning reminding you that all data and personal settings will be lost. Type in your password and you are done.

Canceling Business Accounts

If you have purchased a Portals or One Platform API Solution and would like to cancel your subscription, please contact us by emailing us at or submitting a ticket. Please provide your subdomain URL, Business ID, and your contact information within your message. This email/ticket must be made using the email address of the original purchaser or current business owner. 

After opening a ticket with Support, you can remove your solutions from your account. From the "Solutions" tab you will see a list of the solutions owned by your business. There is a dropdown menu on the far right that looks like three vertical dots, there you will find the button "Delete". Clicking on this button, and confirming, will forever remove your solution from the system. The screenshot below should help you delete any solution under your business.




Note*: Only the solutions that appear in your 'solutions' tab while logged into your business, can be managed by you. To view this list, login into your Business Account and select the 'solutions' tab. 

If you have trouble finding your Business ID, remember you can find under "Account" >> "Profile". The screenshot below should help you pin-point your Business ID location.




If you have any questions, feel free to get a hold of us:



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