Help! I made a widget and now my Portals dashboard is broken


We here at Exosite have done it before, so it is nothing to worry about. If you've accidentally made a widget that you suspect falls into an infinite loop and breaks your portals dashboard, this is the article for you.

Case 1:

Sometimes your Browser has got your back and can halt the script for you. If this is the case you will be confronted with a pop-up along the lines of:

Select 'Stop Script' and you'll find that you can suddenly interact with your Portals dashboard page. Find that misbehaving widget and proceed to delete it.

Case 2:

It is time to go manual. Maybe your browser can't detect the issue, or it is to serious for the browser to recover. Regardless of the reason, you now need to intervene. What you need to do is halt the browser's loading of the page before it has time to reach the infinite part of the delinquent script. This is best done by starting to load the page and pressing the small 'x' near your browser's URL or Omnibar before the page can be completed. This might take a couple of tries to get just right, but if you have done it correctly you will see that the widget container is not loaded but the 'manager bar' can be interfaced with. Here is an example using the same dashboard as the image above, but properly interrupted.



If you need a refresher on where the 'x' or 'Stop-Loading-Current-Page Button' lives, it is the little 'x' that shows up when you are loading a page. Try refreshing any page and pay special attention to the top bar of your browser. Here is also a picture of what it looks like in the Chrome browser.

Best Practice Tips:

-Keep a copy of your widget scripts in a different location. Github or a local directory are great places to keep a copy of a script while you are developing within Exosite.

Up & Coming:

- A Custom-Widget API to update and change scripts from an environment besides the dashboard page.

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