Murano Release, August 31, 2016




The release notes below are intended to provide descriptions of any new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release of Exosite’s Murano platform. Where applicable, an explanation of the user impact is provided, as well as any additional information that may be useful.


  • OAuth
    • Summary: Support OAuth for authentication with solutions.
    • User Impact: It's now possible to set up solutions so end users can log in without passwords, using one or more online identities: Google, Facebook, Amazon, GitHub, Twitter.
    • Documentation for OAuth is here:
    • An OAuth overview is coming soon.
  • Solution Configuration Service
    • Summary: Solution scripts can get a list of product IDs associated with them as well as other configuration information.
    • User Impact: Previously, developers had to hard code product IDs or gather them at the time devices contacted Murano. This was not possible for solutions cloned from a repo, since the product IDs are generated randomly. With the new Solution Configuration Service, it is now possible to get a list of products associated with the solution. An example of where this feature can be used is a Solution that displays a large number of devices of multiple types that may or may not be online.
    • Here's how to use the service in your solution:


local solutionConfig = Config.solution()

print(solutionConfig.products)     // e.g. ["zxxak388kb3gnwmi"]

print(solutionConfig.business_id)  // e.g. "vucz0ejkgiizfr"

print(solutionConfig.domain)       // e.g. ""

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