How to share your Murano Business with other users.


This guide will teach you how to invite other collaborators to your business. Use this to invite your team and launch your Internet connected Product on Exosite. 

After logging into your into Murano account, view the businesses owned by your account by clicking 'My Businesses' menu item from the drop down on the top-right of your screen.



You will now see a page which displays all the businesses associated with your account. Select the business which you would like to share.



Examine the Business Name in the top-left area of the page to make sure you are editing the correct business. 



Once you are sure you have have selected the right business, click on the 'TEAM' menu item, then click on the '+ NEW TEAM MEMBER' button to begin sharing your business. Enter the new member's email address and click 'CREATE' to send an invitation. 




Congratulations! You have now shared your business with another user. Your new business member can now log in, access your business, and work with your to create your Products and Applications. NOTE: Make sure to be careful about who you give access to your business. Admins have the power to make changes to your business!

If you have any trouble inviting members to your business, feel free to contact for help.



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