Murano UI Update


See What’s New in Murano

The Murano platform has an updated look and feel, with enhanced functionality, a more intuitive user interface (UI), and simplified workflows. Check out the highlights below to learn more about the new changes.

Navigate Top-Level Pages

Previously, top-level pages appeared in the left-column navigation.


In the new UI, you can access top-level pages in the top-bar navigation.


Navigate Sub-page Menus

Previously, the sub-page menus appeared in a row above the page content.


In the new UI, you can access sub-page menus in the left-column navigation.


Switch between Murano Businesses

Previously, a “Switch Business” link appeared at the bottom left of the UI to enable navigation from one business to another for users with multiple businesses on Murano.


In the new UI, navigate to the account drop-down menu at the top right of the UI and select “My Businesses” to see a list of your Murano businesses and switch between them.


Manage Business Settings

Previously, the Business Settings page was accessed by clicking the “Settings” link in in the left-column navigation.


In the new UI, click the “Business” link in the top-bar navigation to access the Business Settings page.


Copy Solution and Device Metadata

Previously, developers were required to manually select and copy solution and device metadata, like the solution ID and solution URL, from content on the page.


In the new UI, quick links at the top of the left-column navigation allow you to copy this metadata to your clipboard or access additional documentation with a single click.


Access Additional Information

If you have any questions or need help finding something in the new UI, feel free to contact our Support Team directly.

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