Murano Release, May 23, 2018



The release notes below are intended to provide descriptions of any new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release of Exosite’s Murano platform. Where applicable, an explanation of the user impact is provided, as well as any additional information that may be useful.


  • Murano is now GDPR compliant! In addition to our updated Terms and Conditions, users are now able to request a copy of their user data and request their user data be deleted within the UI in the My Profile.
  • Murano’s Timeseries database now supports “OR” queries within tags. For more information, see our updated documentation here.


  • We’ve updated our UI modals platform-wide and specifically adjusted the functionality of the Create Solution modal to support Exosite’s Micro-Vertical Engine Solutions.
  • We’ve improved our error response display to provide users with better feedback when utilizing the platform. Now, clicking on the status message at the bottom of the UI will open a detailed message display modal.
  • We’ve updated the landing page routing to ensure users are directed to the most relevant Murano functionality upon login. Depending on your status, your landing page upon login will be your Solutions list, or the Exchange catalog if you don’t yet have Solutions created. Related, we’ve made a minor adjustment to the top bar navigation in Murano by changing the order of the main functionality areas to: Solutions, Marketplace, Business.
  • [For Professional & Enterprise Tiers] We’re continuing to improve the functionality of the Element Authoring form by updating the previous asset uploader with the new ability to drag and drop an asset and by providing real-time confirmation when publishing Exchange Elements. For more information about authoring Elements, see here.


  • We’ve corrected our documentation and the Tsdb service interface to properly expose the supported single object definition for ‘aggregate’ parameter for the Timeseries database. For more information see, here.
  • We’ve resolved the Interface service UI load issue. Prior to this correction, users in the Murano UI would not see the Interface service configuration form.
  • We’ve resolved the issue where whitespace characters in a device identity was prohibiting deletion.
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