Development Portals Domains End of Life


February 15, 2019

Exosite has provided free development kit and community IoT dashboard portals (what we called our 'Portals' application) for over 9 years.  We've been happy to provide these applications and our older IoT platform called OnePlatform for all of these years to let people try out IoT and create some very cool applications, usually as the starting point for larger IoT projects.   
Exosite will be ending new sign-ups on these community developer portal domains, including but not limited to:
Before the end of 2019, we plan to shut down these free portal domains and focus our efforts and users on our newer products.  More details about this to come with information for those looking to evaluate our industrial IoT solutions.  
Note: This does not affect our paid whitelabel Portal / One Platform customers.
If you are looking for a commercially available Industrial IoT solution, please check out ExoSense™️.  
For those looking for a consumer product solution, our ExoHome™️ provides all of the tools and applications for a complete solution.  
If we can help you in your IoT journey, please reach out to our support or sales teams for more information.
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