Murano Platform Administration UX Updates


In our ongoing effort to continue improving the Murano Customer Experience,  Exosite has released an update to our platform account administration UI (  It is important to note that there are no changes to existing accounts in regards to billing or service.  This update is entirely a user interface improvement to help the user experience with organization, ease of use , and clarity of information. 

A summary of the updates to the Exosite Account Administration area:


  • The ‘Solutions’ page will now be called ‘Home’ and is organized into different sections.  
  • What were formerly called ‘Product’ solutions are now referred to as ‘IoT Connectors’.
  • Custom Application solutions are now referred to as ‘Murano Applications’.
  • The IoT Exchange marketplace has an improved user interface and organization
  • We’ve updated Exchange to reflect our focus on enabling our vertical solutions such as ExoSense and related elements such as Insight services and third-party IoT Connectors for off the shelf hardware.  


We have additional exciting improvements planned over the next few months and will continue to keep you informed. Additionally, our Customer Success team is available to discuss these updates and options.  If you have any questions or feedback at this time, please contact your Exosite Customer Success team member or

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